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Controversial housing development proposed in Gaston County

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) – Some Gaston County homeowners are not happy about a development proposal for 1,500 new homes in the area.

“Right where we are the houses will be developed just 50 feet from here," said Zach Hooper, a Cramerton Community Committee member and local real estate agent.

Neighbors say that 50 feet from the winding, country road next to their homes is not enough space for current residents or the wildlife currently living on the land.


“We see deer in the morning and we want them to have somewhere to live," said Heather LeVine, a grassroots organizer of the movement to protest the development plan.

MT Land is proposing to develop 1,500 homes on the 477 acres of land. Their current proposal can be found here.

MY Land’s Land Manager Paul Shriver said the company is trying to compromise with local residents to reach an agreement.

“It’s heartbreaking to think after all the blood sweat and tears that I’ve gone through to be able to live in this community,” said LeVine.

LeVine lives across the street from the proposed development site and says that Lake Wylie Road can’t handle the new development.

Community members wrote to Gaston County stating that road maintenance, drainage into the lake and safety are other problems that the development may cause.

“Right now there are no city services that would reach out here so we’d have to be back to the drawing board in both towns,” said Hooper.

Cramerton Mayor Will Cauthen issued a formal proclamation stating that the town would not annex the land for the proposed development.

MT Land did not want to go into specifics of the compromised plan they are working on, but say they are trying to meet the county’s vision for the future. They also want to hear neighbors input and come to an agreement.

“We bought the property 30 years ago because of the reason to have safety and security,” said Libby Sanders, a Cramerton resident. "Now that’s going to be destroyed.”

There is a meeting next Monday, November 19th, when the community plans to meet and hash out some of the details of the proposal.

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