How to Add Coziness to Your Studio Apartments

How to Add Coziness to Your Studio Apartments

When it comes to studio apartments in Charlotte, they are regarded as the efficiency apartments which are usually amongst lease expensive kinds of the rental homes. These apartments are comprised of a single room that can be used as your bedroom area as well as the living room. When you have to add some sort of coziness and a feel of comfort to such apartments and want to make them intimate, instead of cluttered or cramped, you’re not up to something really difficult. Selecting most appropriate furniture, accessories and colors will allow you to make sure that your studio looks warm and welcoming.

Think about painting walls of your apartments for rent charlotte nc in warm colors in order to make the space look intimate. Some of the good color choice for you would be taupe, apricot, beige, deep gold or moss green. Going for warm, earthy tones will create a kind of visual effect in which the walls will start looking closer and this will make the overall ambiance of your space to be quite inviting. In case if you are not allowed by your lease agreement to paint apartment walls, you can incorporate these colors into your rental in the draperies, accessories and upholstered furniture.

Go for multipurpose, small-scale furniture. If you have low furniture pieces in your apartment, it will expand the area visually. Adding cedar chest into the studio can double up your apartment’s storage space and it can serve the purpose of your extra seating as well as coffee table. You can use bookcases for holding DVDs, Knickknacks, and books. Similarly, you can use baskets for storing any small items. This will allow you to prevent the cluttered look in your apartment which can act to distract viewers from cozy atmosphere of your apartment.

If there are any tall furniture pieces, you should position them against the wall that is furthest from your apartment’s entrance and make sure that your path remains free of any clutter. This will prevent your rental apartments in charlotte from looking messy and crowded.

Furniture should be arranged in L-shaped pattern in order to make sure that enough space is available for walking through the apartment and not having a cramped up space.

It is good to buy day bed for serving as sofa and bed if the apartment has enough room available to accommodate it. It can easily be put together again every morning. Having sofa-bed combination in the apartment would mean that renter is required to move coffee tables as well as other furnishings out for sleeping and then repeat the very same actions every morning.

It is always advisable for those living in studio apartments for rent to create two separate areas for seating. Place comfy chair in one corner of your room. Now close to it, set round, small table and cover it with table cloth. Put small lamp on it as well.

It is also a great idea to hand some artwork in hallway for creating your own small art gallery. It will fill the area while avoiding that dull and empty space.